About the Project

SynBio is a project aimed at creating innovative medicines, including what are known as Biobetters. This project, which has received financial support from Rusnano, is a collaborative effort of several Russian and international pharmaceutical companies. The largest private shareholder of SinBio is the Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI), a leading Russian biotech company engaged in the development, introduction and commercialization of its own medicines based on stem cell, gene-therapy and post-genome technologies.
The project is a significant example of international cooperation between researchers in Russia, England, and Germany

At present the joint venture SynBio LLC has developed nine medicines based on three biotechnology platforms (Histone, PolyXen and Gemacell) for the treatment of liver disease, cardiovascular disease, acute leukemia, growth hormone deficiency and diabetes milletus.

The SynBio project also entails the creation of modern production facilities. The facilities will be dedicated to the production of the company’s pharmaceutical substances and market-ready medicines which have already successfully undergone clinical testing.

SynBio is headquartered in Moscow while its research laboratories are located in England, Germany and Russia.