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13 September 2011
Pharmaceutical Business Review
Human Stem Cell Institute, Xenetic partner to invest in biotech sector
Human Stem Cell Institute and Xenetic Biosciences have entered into collaboration to invest in the international biotech sector. Human Stem Cell Institute and Xenetic Biosciences were the initiators of a major cross-border M&A transaction to form SynBio, with additional financing secured from Russia's State Venture Fund Rusnano.


12 September 2011
The Wall Street Journal/blog
Russia's Tech Hub Gets Boost From U.K. Deals
In a sign of improved relations between Russia and the U.K., the two countries on Monday signed several bilateral agreements, including those in the field of research and science.


12 September 2011
Pharmaceutical Industry Today
Russia's Human Stem Cell Institute and the UK's Xenetic Biosciences Explore Joint Projects in the International Biotech Sector
On the eve of Prime Minister David Cameron's official visit to Russia, Human Stem Cell Institute and Xenetic Biosciences, leading biotech companies from Russia and the UK, met to discuss opportunities for further collaboration and investment in the international biotech sector.


16 August 2011
ViewsWire/ FromThe Economist Intelligence Unit
Russia biotech: Innovation drive.
Russia's government is keen to boost investment in pharma research. A recent venture suggests its efforts are starting to pay off.Russia's efforts to boost research and development (R&D) in the pharma sector are slowly beginning to see results after several Russian companies recently joined forces to launch a joint venture biotech company, SynBio. It is thought to be the first time that a local company has initiated an international biotech project, and the government will be hoping it is a sign of things to come.


15 August 2011
Mergermarket/BioPharm Insight
HSCI entertains fundraising options as part of its 2016 plan; SynBio could be eventual spin-off – executive
The Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI) (MICEX: ISKJ), a Russian research and pharmaceutical development company, could consider a variety of fundraising options in the mid-term as part of its business plan to 2016, according to general director Artur Isaev, who is also a controlling shareholder.

09 August 2011
Pharma Times
Russian firms set up $113 million biotech venture
Several Russian companies have linked up to establish a joint venture designed to develop innovative treatments in the country. The SynBio project has been initiated by the Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI), Russia's leading biotechnology company, which will have a 28.1% stake in the venture. It has attracted investment from the government-owned investment company Rusnano, which will have a 41.4% holding and other Russian firms involved include Cryonix and Pharmsynthez.

09 August 2011
Pharmaceutical Technology
Russian pharmaceutical firms have collaborated to establish a joint venture with the aim of developing innovative treatments.
The SynBio project, started by Russia's largest biotechnology firm Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI), also comprises the government-owned investment company Rusnano as well as Russian pharmaceutical firms Cryonix and Pharmsynthez.

08 August 2011
The Voice of Russia
Russian medicines to win world's market
Russian and international pharmaceutical companies will cooperate in creating unique medicines on the basis of cell and gene technologies. The Russian company “ROSNANO” has supported the project “SynBio”, which unites UK, German and Russian scientists.